Excite Your Senses

Group will be divided into teams to visit four different wine and culinary stations. (suggest teams of about 6 participants each) You can tell me what makes sense based on the departments involved. Each team will “together” visit each of the four stations while enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Each station will present a challenge to test the senses. Stations are as follows:

This station will present a number of herbs or other culinary ingredients that EACH participant needs to name. The team gets a point for each individually correct answer so everyone need not agree, but certainly collaboration and discussion is encouraged.

This station will have 3 red wine varietals presented in a blind tasting. Without the help of the wine expert, each guest will taste and guess which varietal each wine represents. A point is awarded to the team for every correct individual answer.

This station will have unusual fruits and vegetables for teams to identify. Again, a point is awarded to the team for each correct individual answer.

Guests will sample two white wines…one is Old World, one is New World. One point is awarded for each correct answer

Scotch, Tequila or Bourbon Tasting

Learn the subtleties of your favorite distilled spirit in this comprehensive presentation. Participants will learn the historical and cultural aspects of the particular beverages as well as the actual techniques used to distill and age them. A real working still will be shown for descriptive purposes. Four products will be sampled to illustrate different styles within the selected category. This event can feature all scotch, all bourbon, all cognac, all tequila or one of each for a distillate overview. Other distilled beverages can be substituted (Cognac, Armagnac, Eaux de Vie, Grappa, Gin, Vodka, Marc, Brandy, Rum, etc.) The event will require approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Seasonal Cooking Class and Wine Pairing

Hands on Cooking Experience

Rare and Vintage Wine Tasting

Most wine lovers only dream about experiencing the greatest wines in the world. First Growth Bordeaux and Grand Cru Burgundies from France and the most sought after California wines are expensive and difficult to obtain. The opportunity to taste a number of these highly-rated treasures side-by-side under the direction of an established wine educator can provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Four collectable wines will be tasted for this event. Selections will be based on a theme chosen with the client. Examples include: California Cabernet vs. Classified Bordeaux, four Classified Bordeaux from a single vintage, California Pinot Noir vs. Grand Cru French Burgundy,etc. The event will require approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Head to Head Culinary Showdown

Please allow 3 hours for this culinary experience.

Get a dose of healthy group competition in a culinary showdown that tests participants’ leadership and teamwork skills. Goal setting, time management and careful instruction are all factors that will lead to the successful execution of the three recipes that are assigned to each group by the Chef. Following the specific recipe instructions, each team is tasked to cook each dish at their station with a limited amount of time. Each team will not only prepare each course for themselves to enjoy, but will also present one additional plate per course to the culinary judges. Only the most organized and collaborative teams will be named the winners per category once their dishes are successfully executed.

Wine Blending Challenge

Imagine a teambuilding event combining the components of wine tasting and chemistry for a brilliant, dynamic experiment sure to create your desired results. Discover the science behind wine making and marketing and then put your talents to the test to create your team’s signature blend. So pick up your cylinders and beakers and put your taste buds on alert…The passing grade is determined by how much fun you have with your fellow teammates! Three distinct red varietals are presented for tasting, each with its own unique characteristics. Our wine expert describes each wine and its blending qualities and invites guests to use this knowledge to create their team’s own signature blend.

Next it’s time to take it to market with an eye catching brand and label design. Each team then presents the sample and label to the judges for a blind tasting. Prizes are awarded to the winning team. You also have the option of purchasing bottles of your winning wine, complete with its custom label for each guest to take home with them.

This is a highly participatory experiential event that can be customized to your individual goals and objectives. Please estimate approximately 90 minutes to complete.

You can include an option where the Wine Experts will take the winning blend and label and make a bottle for each guest to take away

Iron Chef Competition

Please allow 2 hours for this culinary experience.

It’s the most exciting team building experience of all. This challenge truly involves creativity, team work and quick thinking. Participants are kept on their toes from the second the mystery ingredient is revealed, to working together as a team to come up their best signature dish to wow the judges. With a few basic guidelines from our Chef, each group will compete by creating 2 of their own signature dishes using the mystery ingredient and their choice of seasonal farm fresh market ingredients and pantry items available on display. Dishes will be timed, so Chefs- use your time wisely!

Each group will present each judge a sample of their signature dish. Winners will be chosen by the panel of judges based on a variety of factors such as Creativity, Teamwork, Organization, and Overall Taste and Presentation…now let the cooking begin! In this activity, contestants do not create food for their own consumption.

You Can Choose Your Culinary Theme – Mexican, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, All-American.